Oil Furnaces

Our Oil Furnaces Quietly Warm Your Home While Providing Exceptional Efficiency

A portion of your home’s comfort is defined by how peaceful and relaxed you feel inside of it. But it’s hard to feel relaxed when you have a noisy furnace. Our oil furnaces at Mersey Heating and Air Conditioning in Toronto are some of the quietest you’ll find. They create so little noise, you probably won’t even notice them operating. All you’ll notice is a more comfortable home – and that’s exactly what we’re shooting for.


Working with Mersey to buy a new oil furnace in the Toronto area or service your old one has never been so easy. We offer expert furnace installation, furnace maintenance and a variety of furnace repair services so you can relax and enjoy a cozy house instead of worrying about it. We’ll take care of your oil furnace tune-ups with our annual and bi-annual comfort service plan options.


Schedule your appointment online or call 416-752-8351 to take the next step in replacing or repairing your oil furnace.

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