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Furnace Installation Services Thornhill

As the chilly winter season in Ontario approaches, keeping your home warm and cozy turns into an absolute necessity. However, an old furnace may be unable to meet your heating requirements. Fortunately, the Mersey Heating and Air Conditioning team is here to assist you with any air conditioner and in finding a new heating system that meets your needs with top-quality Thornhill furnace installation services.

With over 45 years of experience, our team has been providing top-quality furnace installation services to homeowners in Thornhill and the surrounding areas. Our trained professionals have the expertise, abilities, and equipment needed to go beyond what is necessary for you and guarantee you have an exceptional experience with us. No matter the degree of difficulty of your installation project, we are dedicated to working effectively while upholding the highest level of quality.

Mersey Heating and Air Conditioning are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, including weekends and holidays, and there is no extra charge. We recognize that heating emergencies can occur at any time, so we are prepared to provide you with same-day or next-day installation appointments throughout cold spells.

Furthermore, we provide fantastic discounts and financing options to assist you in saving money on your new furnace installation. Please feel free to reach out to our team if you want to learn more! You can make an appointment with one of our team members directly by calling us or using our secure online reservations system. All initial consultations include a complimentary quote with every purchase of a new system.


It depends on the homeowner. While air conditioning units and furnaces can be replaced at the same time, it is not necessary unless you wish to do so. As such, we recommend scheduling a consultation appointment with our team to determine what your interior comfort needs are as well as your budget. Our team can help you find the optimal solution for your home in Thornhill, Ontario

Yes, all furnace equipment requires an annual cleaning and servicing appointment. Without one, your unit will inevitably begin to operate less efficiently, be more prone to damages, and cost you more on your monthly energy costs. In addition, it can also significantly reduce the lifespan of your heating system.

By not having your furnace cleaned annually, you will:

  • Reduce the lifespan of your heating system.
  • Diminish the indoor air quality of your home.
  • Cause more wear and tear on your unit, which can lead to costly repairs.
  • Spend more money on your monthly energy costs.
  • Create a fire hazard.

While property owners can vacuum the region around their furnace system on their own, we wouldn’t suggest vacuuming the interior chamber. Cleaning a furnace on your own can be dangerous for several reasons. For starters, furnaces operate on either gas or electricity, both of which can be hazardous if not handled properly. Second, because the furnace can become extremely hot, cleaning it without the proper instruction and equipment may result in burns or other injuries. Cleaning a furnace also involves working with dust, hair, dirt, and other debris that can be harmful to your respiratory health without the proper protective equipment.

Why Choose Us?


No Loopholes™

If you’re not totally satisfied with our work within 2 years of installation, we will return your original investment and remove the system. No Loopholes, guaranteed.


No Hassles™

If the system we’ve installed breaks down within 2 years of its set up, we will repair the unit within 24 hours of the time you call us or we’ll give you $1000 for your inconvenience. No Hassle, guaranteed.


Just Right™

We guarantee that the system we set up will serve its function for a full 5 years without more than 2 degrees Celsius of temperature variance. If your new unit doesn’t uphold this standard, we will fix it as needed – including replacement of the entire system – at no cost. Just Right, guaranteed.


We Respect You™

When you go with Mersey, you can expect efficient, courteous, and integral work from all of our technicians. If you find that our technicians fail to respect you, your time, or your property, we will supply you with our full 5 Year Just Right™ Check-Up Protection Plan. We Respect You, guaranteed.

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What Homeowners Say About Us

Mersey Heating and Air Conditioning were amazing. Their team was very responsive to our situation when our furnace broke down over a weekend. Their emergency response was excellent. Rocky was a great ambassador for Mersey. This is the second time Rocky has been our technician. He is extremely professional and very personable. He is very good on the technical front and did a great job dealing with all our maintenance and repair issues.”