Ventilation In The Home: A Breath Of Fresh Air

Take a deep breath in. Now exhale. Makes you kind of happy, right?

Obviously you do this all the time to cycle out the old air and bring in fresh air. But were you aware that your house needs the same type of circulation for a similar reason: to keep it free of airborne contaminants?


In-home air ventilation products replace poor air for fresh air. It keeps things moving, allowing circulation of indoor air that shields it from becoming stagnant. As plain and simple as it sounds, it’s really important! Experts estimate there are more than 300 chemicals used in those lovely home furnishings you’ve amassed, from paints and finishes to carpets, wood flooring, insulation and furniture. You kept your receipts, right?


For those who are new homebuyers, you are not exempt: new and remodeled homes are more tightly sealed for energy efficiency. That means a reduced amount of airflow, less circulation, and reduced movement. Indoor air can become stale , and contaminants shut into your home. Yeah…it’s pretty important to make sure you have proper ventilation. That’s called ventilation happiness, and Mersey Heating and Air Conditioning in Toronto couldn’t agree more.


Here’s how we can help you: let our experts install an air ventilation system—such as the Heat Recovery Ventilator, which transfers humidity outdoors, and keeps heat from indoor air before it’s discharged. This system and others monitor indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity, and then supplies the required air replacement continuously. Such systems are incredibly efficient, adding 5% to 10% more fresh air every hour, essentially reducing the concentration of airborne contaminants.


Call Mersey in Toronto today at 416-752-8351. Our technicians will get your home in the Toronto area fit with our ventilation products, so you and your home can breathe better. You’ll benefit from quality equipment choices, knowledge and expert service—for all makes and models, 24 hours a day.

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