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Can you run heat and AC at the same time

Can You Run Heat And Ac At The Same Time As we move into spring and summer, and as temperatures outdoors fluctuate, most homeowners will be switching from air conditioning to heating to maintain a comfortable temperature indoors. That said, switching between your heating and cooling system incorrectly can lead to a world of problems, […]

Will pipes burst if water is turned off?

Ever wondered about the possibility of pipes bursting when you turn the water on in your home? As outrageous as it may be, it’s a question that often crosses the minds of homeowners, significantly when temperatures drop. The team from Mersey Heating and Air Conditioning is unravelling the truth behind this question below. Join us […]

Does turning down the heat at night save money?

Does turning down the heat at night save money? A common concern among households is cutting back on monthly utility costs, particularly in the wintertime, which raises an age-old debate about whether you can save money by lowering your heating system while you’re sleeping. If this is something you’ve wondered yourself, stick around as the […]

What does a boiler do? 

What does a boiler do?  When it comes to heating your home throughout the winter, many homes opt to use a conventional furnace to get the job done. That said, an appliance that is often overlooked is a boiler. You’ve most likely heard of them, but what exactly does a boiler do, and how does […]

Should I repair or replace my furnace?

Should I Repair Or Replace My Furnace? Dealing with a malfunctioning heating system is the last thing any homeowner wants, especially when the main thing they want to do is simply enjoy a warm and cozy home. Now, you’re faced with a dilemma: do you go for a repair to squeeze out one more winter […]

Are boilers more efficient than furnaces?

Are boilers more efficient than furnaces? Boilers and furnaces are two of the most common choices for keeping your home warm during the wintertime. That said, a lot of homeowners who are on the market for a new heating system often have the same question: which one is more efficient? If this is something you’ve […]

How Often to Replace Furnace Filter?

Many of us are often aware that our furnace filters require replacement, yet we often fall short in taking the necessary steps to actually carry out the replacement. This is particularly the case when our furnaces are functioning smoothly, effectively maintaining the desired indoor temperature – we don’t often think that we need to do […]

Why is my heat pump blowing cold air

Why is my heat pump blowing cold air You’re not alone if you’ve ever been frustrated by your heat pump blowing cold air when it’s supposed to keep you cozy and toasty during the winter. This common problem can leave homeowners confused and reaching for extra blankets for warmth. But don’t worry; in this article, […]